Goblin Slayer TRPG: Tips, Tricks and Resources

A small article that collects Tips, Tricks und Resources to use with the Goblin Slayer TRPG.

cover of the english version for goblin slayer trpg. it shows priestess and goblin slayer
Das englische Cover des Goblin Slayer TRPG, erschienen bei Yen Press.

Table of Content

Tips, Tricks and Guides

This Section shall be for general Tips, Tricks and Guides regarding the TRPG. As with Quests / Scenarios I will include a Link to the Doc and reddit-thread where possible.

Calculate Base Hit Check Value – Clarification

From looking at the sheet alone and looking through the book I had some trouble calculating the Base Hit Check Value for use in the TRPG. What it basically comes down to is the Technique Focus + some bonusses for certain classes, when they use their proper weapons. If say a fighter uses a Bow you do not add the Fighter-Level to the Base Hit Check Score, since it is not their proper e quipment. The proper equipment for each class can be found from page 93 onward of the book.

The Base Formula can be summed as the following: Technique Focus + Skill-Boni (= Base for this Guide) + Class-Level (if proper equipment is used)

To make it easier for you to calculate the value correctly I have a small list handy for you. It makes a bit clearer which class-levels to add for which weapon types:

One-Handed Swords: Base + Fighter (+Scout)*

Two-Handed Swords: Base + Fighter (+Scout)*

Axes: Base + Fighter (+Scout)*

Spears: Base + Fighter (+Scout)*

Maces: Base + Fighter (+Scout)*

Staves: Base + Monk (+Scout)*

Close-Combat Weapons: Base + Monk (+Scout)*

Throwing Weapons: Base + Monk + Ranger + Scout

Bows: Base + Ranger

* Scout-Level is only added, when the weapon in question is of „Light“ weight (noted under Type)

Just a quick Example

Just to make things a bit clearer lets make a full example. Imagine we have a character that the following class-levels + Technique Focus:
Technique Focus: 6
Fighter: 2
Scout: 3
Monk: 1
Ranger: 4
no skills that affect hit-checks.

The Base Hit Check Value would for each weapon would be:

One-Handed Swords: 6 + 2 (+3) = 8 (or 11 if light weapon)

Two-Handed Swords: 6 + 2 (+3) = 8 (or 11 if light weapon)

Axes: 6 + 2 (+3) = 8 (or 11 if light weapon)

Spears: 6 + 2 (+3) = 8 (or 11 if light weapon)

Maces: 6 + 2 (+3) = 8 (or 11 if light weapon)

Staves: 6 + 1 (+3) = 7 (or 10 if light weapon)

Close-Combat Weapons: 6 + 1 (+3) = 7 (or 10 if light weapon)

Throwing Weapons: 6 + 1 + 4 + 3 = 14

Bows: 6 + 4 = 10


This section lists some useful resources for players of the TRPG.

Character Sheets

This sections contains Character Sheets for use with the RPG.

Character Sheet for Goblin Slayer TRPG by Yenpress Download: Official Goblin Slayer TRPG Character-Sheets (Black and White, US-Letter)

Form-filliable PDF-Character-Sheets download (thank you Wilkorel from reddit for making it!): Download

printable black&white Character Sheet in DIN-A4 Format (by LND): Printable Character-Sheet DIN A4 – pdf-Download (by me)

Self-Calculating Character Sheet (Initial Release 20th August 2022)

Finally I am done with it. After a few days of staring at spread-sheets and banging my head against it with the really nice people from the Konosuba TRPG Discord (no Joke!), I have something special for you yet again.

A self-calculating Character Spreadsheet! The basic Idea behind it is to create and maintain your character quicker and easier. I know that not everyone is a fan of them, but they can cut down a „Session 0“ quite a bit.

The sheet is basically a small database containing data from the books (yes I did actually type it all in manually). To make it easier for you to make a character I added a lot of drop-down where you can just select the stuff you want. The sheet than takes over a lot of the calculations for you!

You can either use the sheet in LibreOffice / OpenOffice (ods-file) or Excel (xslx-file).

As always it has some caviants:

    • The sheet allows for „impossible“ builds, which are against the rule of the game! The sheet has no real validation built-in. So it’s up to the DM and Player to determine if the sheet is valid or not!
    • Descriptions for the effects of spells are not included yet, since their effects can be fairly lengthy. You may fill them in yourself.
    • You have to note down Attrition Track and Fatigue seperately. I just did not know how to make check-boxes in LibreOffice
    • The Sheet is usuable with the random determination method for the ability scores. By default it uses the fixed values though. If you want to use the sheet with random values just delete the formulas (value: 0) for strength, psyche, technique, intelligence, focus, endurance and reflex. The values of e.g. strength focus will be calculated for you.
    • To determine Life Force, Movement Speed and Spell Uses correctly please refer to the „Other Stats“ page of the sheet. The necessary stuff is explained in there.
    • The included Drop-Down have rather small arrows sadly. You can still open them no problem. Select the appropriate Cell and press Alt+Down.
    • HP and MP have to be calculated with user-input to account for class changes and other stuff. This can be done in the „Status Calculation & Level Up“-Sheet.
    • The Stat Boosts you gain from a Level-Up also requiere User-Input, again to account for class changes and some other stuff.
    • If you get Boosts from a Skill that also needs to be filled in by the user in the appropriate cells.

The most important thing really is: This sheets comes with no gurantee that everything is correctly calculated and set-up. If you are unsure about a value and if it is calculated correctly please consult the rule-book and manually check the calculated value! Here is the download:

Self-Calculating Spreadsheet Downloads: Self-Calculating Character-Sheet for Goblin Slayer TRPG (ods & xlsx)

The sheet is protected by default just to avoid players messing up the sheet in unwanted ways. If you want to edit the sheet for any reason click F12 in LibreOffice Calc and enter the Password:


The sheet should then be editable.

Changelog Self-Calculating Goblin Slayer TRPG Character-Sheet
  • 20th August 2022 v1: Initial Release

If you find any problem please feel free to share them with me in the discord linked below (be sure to ping stefan230#7291) or via E-Mail to redaktion@lightnovel-dungeon.de under the subject „Goblin Slayer TRPG Sheet Problem“.

Creative Commons License
Goblin Slayer TRPG Spreadsheet by Light Novel Dungeon (Stefan) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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